Soya Chunk Kofta Curry

Today I have soya chunks in my bag as the primary ingredient. I wanted to prepare some tasty yet easy dish as usual. As a Bengali, on auspicious days we eat purely vegetarian dishes, and avoid onion and garlic also. We have some typical bengali veg dishes like Chholar Daal (Yellow Bengal Gram – lentil soup), Mochar Ghonto ( Banana Blossom Curry), Aloo Dum(Potato Curry) etc. I planned to prepare a veg dish, yet something different from our traditional bengali dishes. Our very own Durga Puja is coming. So, this must be an awesome dish for Maha Shashthi (the beginning of Puja) or Mahashtami(8th day of Puja), as we eat pure vegetarian on those days. So my friends, try this recipe and share your thoughts. Best of luck!


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Cabbage Chicken

Cabbage is a common vegetable in our kitchen. We used to prepare a lot of dishes from it, salad, curries to soups. But in my childhood days I did not like cabbage. So, my Mom used to prepare this yummy dish for me and my brother. We loved this dish and still love it. Now I am sharing the recipe with you. Hope you will enjoy this. All the best!


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Flattened rice confection (poha barfi) চিঁড়ের বরফি

I had 20 minutes in my hand. My guests were about to come within half an hour. And I forgot to buy/prepare any desserts for them. So I was thinking to make something for them and find out these ingredients in my kitchen. But before making the sweets I never ever knew that with these ingredients some tasty sweets could be made! My guests were happy. Now I want to share this with you. Hope you all will make this once at least and will share your feedback. All the best!


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Elojhelo – A Sweet Call

During Durga Puja or other festivals we like to prepare various sweets and snacks at our home. Today’s recipe is one of them. The name of the sweet dish is ‘Elojhelo’. I don’t know why the name is like this, but the taste of this sweet is really superb. This is a traditional sweet of Bengal. On last day of Durga puja, which is ‘Dashami’, after immersion of idol of Goddess Durga, we greet each other and exchange sweets and snacks. This sweets are prepared specially on this occasion. I have learnt this from my mom’s aunt. She is a typical Bong septuagenerian lady with full of spirit and energy. I convey my respect to her by uploading this recipe. In Maharastra, this sweet is called ‘Champakali’. ‘Elojhelo’ or ‘Champakali’, whatever the name is, the sweetness remains the same. So, try this sweet and make your loved ones happy. All the best!


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Dim Kosha ~ Egg Curry in hurry

Hello, my super lucky friends! Hope you all are in pink of health. Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be enjoying my day break. Hardly want to cook. So, I plan for this recipe.

Actually I had posted this recipe before in a separate page. Now I am reposting them on main page to save time and plan tomorrow’s schedule – true to my lazy self

And trust me, it will be really mouth-watering. Try this.


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Paneer Yellow Curry

Paneer or cottage cheese is one of the favourite ingredients for the lazy cooks like me! With little effort you can prepare some nice dishes with paneer. Today I want to share a tasty as well as an easy recipe. Very few and common ingredients are needed to prepare this dish. If you have these ingredients in your kitchen, then prepare this for your loved ones. Hope they also like it. And last but not the least, this dish is very good for health. All the spices make us warm. So, in Winter or in Rainy season, this dish will keep you healthy.

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Tomato Chutney

Chutney is an additional and important dish in India, especially among Bengalis. Various types of chutneys are prepared in Bengal. Some are spicy and some sweet. With tomatoes spicy and sweet, both type of chutneys can be made. I love tomato chutney very much. One spoon of tomato chutney and a full course lunch or dinner makes me just happy. Usually as well as occasionally, we Bengalees make the tomato chutney very sweet and use dates, cashew nuts etc. But I modified the recipe for me. Hope, you also enjoy this easy to make chutney. All the best!


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